Temabilde fjell og landskap

Rendalen is the largest municipality by area in southern Norway and has about 2000 inhabitants. Forestry, agriculture, tourism and industry are important to the region.


The landscape is dominated by large pine forests and mountain areas. In north we have Jutulhogget - the deepest canyon in Northern Europe


Large lakes like Storsjøen and Sølensjøen and rivers like Glomma, Rena and Mistra are famous for their fishing. Fiskevollen is the largest and most famous inland fishing village in Norway. The fishing here has long traditions dating back to the Viking Age. Arctic char was the most important species earlier, but today common whitefish has taken over its place.


In the wilderness in Rendalen you can encounter wolf, brown bear, wolverine and lynx.


Rendalen has 17 protected areas, consisting of a variety of habitats. The most famous one is called Jutulhogget, which is the largest canyon in Northern Europe with a length of 2.4 km and a depth of 200 m. The canyon was formed when the inland ice melted 10 000 years ago. Sølen Protected Landscape area (PLA) is the largest protected area with 45 640 ha. In Sølen PLA you can find the Rendalen reindeer. It was moved here from Valdres in 1921, after the original population died out due to hunting in 1909.


Rendalen has a long history of hunting and trapping, which was the main livelihood from the last ice age until agriculture took over. There are hundreds of pit falls and a comprehensive pit fall system for reindeer and moose in the eastern mountains, which indicates professional hunting. 


Rendalen has a variety of different activities to offer. Fishing and hunting are popular outdoor activities, in addition to hiking, riding, canoeing, dog sledging, camping, skiing and farm tourism.


The Pilgrim Road to Nidaros goes through Rendalen. Pilgrims used this road to travel to King Olav Haraldsons grave where miracles started to happen after his death in the battle of Stiklestad in 1030.


The Museum of Rendalen contains a variety of samples, the most famous part being the museum of Bull. Jacob Breda Bull was an author born in 1853 in Rendalen, and found his inspiration her.


Molteblomster ved bekk (foto Per Olav Mathiesen)